November 09, 2012

Breaking David Petraeus Resigns as Head of CIA

No, I'm not kidding.

[Update 11/12/12: Petraeus's mistress, Paula Broadwell's, Home raided by FBI]

UPDATE: I hope she was hot. Vinnie thinks her name was something like "Benghazi".

Hat Tip: Vinnie.

UPDATE by SH: Per CBS WH correspondent Mark Knoller:

Senate Intelligence Committee says Petraeus will not testify at next week’s closed hearing on the events in Benghazi

11/10/12 UPDATE by SH: Meet Paula Broadwell, Petraeus mistress.

Also, Broadwell was apparently under investigation for trying to access Petraeus's email

The biographer for resigning CIA Director David Petraeus is under FBI investigation for improperly trying to access his email and possibly gaining access to classified information, law enforcement officials told NBC News on Friday.
Yet, they don't expect the investigation to end in criminal charges. What?

Yesterday, the Obamamedia showed they could do investigative journalism unlike their reporting on the terror attack in Benghazi. Was it because of the way they feel about Petraeus?

Flashback to 2007, Obama skipped Senate vote to condemn MoveOn's General Betray Us ad. Hillary voted against it.

The resolution condemning the ad was sponsored by conservative Republican John Cornyn of Texas. Voting against it were Democratic presidential hopefuls Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, another contender for the Democratic nomination, did not vote, although he voted minutes earlier for an alternative resolution by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. That resolution condemned the MoveOn ad as an "unwarranted personal attack," but also condemned political attack ads that questioned the patriotism of Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and former Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., both Vietnam veterans.

Is Obama, and his media, using Petraeus as a scapegoat for Benghazi? /tin foil hat off.

Rep Gowdy on Petraeus testimony on Benghazi:

UPDATE by SH: Hmmmmmm, this investigation has been going on for a long time:

Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. — The resignation of David H. Petraeus as CIA director followed an FBI investigation of many months, raising the question of why he was not forced out until after the election[...].

Still, the White House, with concurrence by the FBI and Justice Department, held off on asking for Petraeus’ resignation until after the election. His resignation occurred three days after the election, avoiding the possibility that Obama’s ill-fated appointment of Petraeus could become an issue in the election.

FBI agents on the case were aware that such a decision had been made to hold off on forcing him out until after the election and were outraged.

“The decision was made to delay the resignation apparently to avoid potential embarrassment to the president before the election,” an FBI source says. “To leave him in such a sensitive position where he was vulnerable to potential blackmail for months compromised our security and is inexcusable.”

Over at Hot Air, they are wondering just who was stalking whom?

Who authorized FBI surveillance of Gen. Petraeus?

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