November 09, 2012

I Bet They're Just at Disneyland

Either this is a big deal, or it isn't. I'm 50/50 on this myself.

On the one hand we know that the Afghan military and government are compromised by pro-Taliban/anti-American sympathizers. So, that's worst case scenario.

On the other hand the two Afghan intel officers had ..... going back to Afghanistan ... to look forward to after their training. So, it's not just some remote possibility that these guys will turn up on Miami's South Beach or at a brothel just outside of Reno or a bathhouse in San Francisco:

The missing officers are Captain Alibaba Ghashee, Deputy Director of the NDS’ American and European Department, and Major Mohd Farooq Ghanizada, who directs agency’s Counterterrorism and Organized Crime Department. Both offices disappeared while in Washington, DC, for a high-level executive training program run jointly by the American and German governments.
H/T: Switch_d

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