November 09, 2012

Arab Spring! Egyptian Islamists Kidnap Coptic Girl 14

Hope, change.


Although the abduction and forced Islamization of Coptic Christian minor girls in Egypt is quite common (AINA 8-11-2009), especially with the rise of Islamists in Egypt after the Muslims Brotherhood took over governing the country, the case of 14-year old Sarah has caused a stir.

Sarah Ishaq Abdelmalek, born on August 1, 1998 in the town of el-Dabaa, 130 kilometers from Mersa Matrouh, was on her way to school with her cousin Miriam on Sunday, September 30, when they stopped at a bookshop. Miriam want ahead of Sarah to school, leaving Sarah at the bookstore. No one has seen Sarah ever since.

After filing a missing person report with the police, her father received a call to tell him that he will never see his daughter again.

Hat Tip: Oddy enough, Mona Eltahawy. Go figure. I wonder if she'll realize that Obama's policy, the policy of appeasing Islamist and the Muslim brotherhood are quite responsible for emboldening the radical Salafists?

Nahhhh. WTF am I thinking.

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