November 09, 2012

Tunisia Arrests Ansar al-Sharia Member Bilel #Chaouach In Connection With US Embassy Assault
His Mother Is 'Proud', Calls For Jihad

Via Thomas Joscelyn at the LWJ

The Tunisian government arrested Bilel Chaouachi, a Salafist imam who has openly praised Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri, earlier this week. Chaouachi was allegedly involved in the storming of the US Embassy in Tunis days after terrorists struck the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

"Bilel Chaouachi is suspected of involvement in the September 14 events of the attack on the embassy and the American school, but before that there is another case pending against him for incitement to violence," Tunisian Interior Ministry spokesman Khaled Tarrouche explained, according to Kapitalis.

he 26-year-old Chaouachi has been cited as a theology "student" in various press accounts because he attended a theological graduate school in Tunis. But identifies him as a "a member of the salafist Ansar al Sharia group."

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"The mother of Bilel Chaouachi Salafist attacks on Ennahdha and calls for Jihad":

In a video recorded by a Salafist group, the Salafist Bilel Chaouachi mother arrested yesterday Tuesday, November 6, gave strong criticism against Ennahdha, calling it a "great enemy" to the end of the recording[...]

Speaking directly to members of Ennahdha, she said: "You do not try to enforce Sharia, but it will be done in spite of you and whatever the cost. Your democracy is only kufr and not follow you. You are wandering in and we on the right path. "

Ms. Chaouachi then addressed the Tunisian mothers to express "great happiness" may feel a mother who offers his son Jihad. She ended up calling the Salafi sheikhs to join on the same line together to fight "the enemy."

Remember, Bronco bamma said: "Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is decimated."

Umm, no.


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