November 09, 2012

Egypt: Friday Prayers Again Call For US To Release Blind Sheikh


It's Friday!

Sheikh Mohamed El-Soghyr, member of Al-Gamaa Islamyia[aka al-Gama’at; Egyptian al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya; GI; Islamic Gama’at; IG; Islamic Group: US designated FTO...ed], opens fire at "seculars" and liberals at Friday prayer ceremony in Tahrir Square, accusing them of being agents to the West.

"Our Prophet [Mohamed] fought the infidels of Mecca, who are now represented by the Liberals," said El-Soghyr.

The former member of now-disbanded People's Assembly from the Salafist Building and Development Party spoke before several thousands who gathered in the square to demand Egypt's new constitution to be based on the Islamic Sharia law.

El-Soghyr added that it was unacceptable for Egypt, "the beating heart of Islam", to be a place for those who are only concerned with their own interest and agendas[...]

El-Soghyr further called for the release of the blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman[Leader of Al-Gamaa Islamyia], who is serving a life sentence in the US for his alleged part in terrorist attacks in 1993.

Prayers ended with protesters playing on the main chant of the 25 January revolution, crying out "Bread, Freedom, Islamic Sharia," substituting the "Islamic doctrine" for "social justice," in the original chant.

Give it time head bumps, the Muslim Brotherhood's Prez Morsi is working on it.

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