November 09, 2012

Dear Speaker Boehner Fuck Off!

What's becoming clear since the election is Republican leadership doesn't get it. They don't get it at all.


"Because he ran for the vice presidency, is he the leader of the Republican party now?" Sawyer asked.

"Oh, I wouldn't think so. Paul Ryan's a policy wonk,"

If you saw this exchange, Boehner's reaction to the suggestion the Ryan was the leader was quite telling. You could see the fear in his eyes, the shock at the suggestion that Paul Ryan might take his job. So shocked in fact he spends the next two paragraphs kissing Ryan's ass.

What this shows is the leadership's contempt and lack of respect for the leaders of generation X following them. Boehner is your typical boomer who feels not only is he entitled to his position but in his power to decide the rules for everyone else. Rules like I can fail as many times as I want and if you call me on it I'll cry like a spoiled fucking brat.

Why should we not have a fiscal policy wonk as Speaker? What is wrong with Paul Ryan besides speaker Boehner thinks of generation X like children that he can send to their room if they get a bit too uppity. We're not children any more Mr. Speaker. We're over 40 and we see that every plan you put forward includes fucking us right up the ass. That's not very socially conservative.

The old guard leadership and the FOXNEWS talking heads are not serving our party well any longer. Their answer is not to change anything in hopes they can find five million unnoticed Mexican Catholics hiding under a rock somewhere. Good luck with that....

So what is the conservatives of Generation X to do? Well its clear we can't just sit here and let those in Republican leadership who are still living in a 1950's fantasy land keep ignoring our generation any longer. To do so will be the death of liberty. The death of the values of limited federal power and personal liberty.

Its clear that the leadership wants Jacksonian democracy not so they have the power to better the nation, the power to set you free from government. But so they can use Federal power to appoint themselves the guardians of your morality. Not to make you free, but to take your freedom from you while they sell your financial future down the river and tell you its for your own good.

Its time for those in leadership who are failing to provide a modern effective conservative opposition to step aside. Its time for a new generation of Republican leadership that gets that the 20th century ended. So write Paul Ryan and ask him to run and then support him for the next Speaker of the House.

If not they'll tell you they are sorry that you can't retire until you're 90 when they retired at 55. They'll tell you that stagnant wages and just doing with less than their generation did is just the way it is these days. That their failures are failures that we just have to accept, so shut up kid.

Mr. Speaker we're not kids any more we're nearing 50. We can no longer afford to accept a lesser America, then an even lesser America for our children because of tired, stubborn and outdated so called conservative Republican leadership.

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