November 08, 2012

Meanwhile Over India

Global Post:

An unarmed man went berserk on an Air Indigo flight from Mumbai to Delhi on Wednesday, slapping a flight attendant and making a break for the cockpit before he was subdued by crew and passengers.

Though early reports do not suggest the incident was a planned terrorist attack, 40-year-old Mursalin Sheikh, a bearded man in a pathani suit, according to NDTV, allegedly threatened to bring the plane down. The Times of India reported that Sheikh allegedly shouted "Islamic slogans" during the altercation.

:Other reports cite that Mursalin Sheikh was especially upset by a female passenger and female flight attendants. He assaulted the elderly woman and the flight attendants and tried to reach the cockpit in an attempt to down the plane and murder the passengers.

Um, yeah.

Hat Tip: Comrade Morgan.

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