November 04, 2012

This Religious Video Brought To You By A Party That Booed God, Passed Obamacare

President Barack Obama is Leading With Faith Values:

Bronco bamma appears to get so-called religion when political winds start to shift away from his re-election.

[Update: Best come back evah from Iowahawk, below fold]

At American Thinker, Tom Trinko's We All Got Religion post is a must read.

The vast majority of Americans believe in God; only 2.4% of Americans don't believe. But even that 2.4% have principled beliefs and moral values.

What if the government could tell anyone that they had to directly fund and support things that violated their most firmly and passionately held beliefs?

What if the government told atheists they had to buy Bibles for their Christian workers and that the atheists would have to ensure that there were Bible groups in place so workers would know how to use the Bible? It'd be ok since the atheists wouldn't actually have to read the Bibles right?

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