November 03, 2012

Turkey: Muslim Who Had Sex Change Operation Wants His Penis Back


No, really

A transsexual living in Mersin who underwent surgery to become a woman has requested a change in regulations so that she can return to being a man by having a penis reattached to her body.

D.K., a 34-year-old originally from the eastern province of Van who describes herself as a believing Muslim, asked the Directorate of Religious Affairs whether it was religiously permissible to receive a penis transplant from a cadaver, but religious officials said it was impermissible unless the penis originally belonged to the transplant recipient.

I am a believer, said D.K. I perform my prayers like a man, not like a woman. This decision has affected me a lot. I want a legal injunction.

Shorter: "I don't like praying in the back and/or in a separate room".


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