November 03, 2012

Lean Forward: Staten Island Residents Plead For Food & Blankets; FEMA MIA, Red Cross Sends Cookies & Hot Chocolate

To the media's delight, President Obama made a brief visit to the Red Cross this past week, telling Red Cross workers to "lean forward." What he really meant was for victims of hurricane Sandy to bend over:

Staten Island residents are furious. They feel that in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy they’ve been ignored and left to fend for themselves. [...]

“Red Cross is here with hot chocolate and cookies. We need blankets, we need pillows, we need clothing. We can get hot chocolate and cookies, we need help!” resident Jodi Hannula said.

Meanwhile, the media is criticizing Romney for putting his campaign on hold to help collect - brace yourself - food, blankets and clothing for the victims.

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