November 02, 2012

Obama Wants Revenge Against Romney

Revenge? An odd word to use to appeal for votes. But Obama said during a speech in Ohio, "Vote! Voting's the best revenge!"

Revenge for what? For having the audacity to publicize Administraion failures? For threatening to repeal Obamacare? For expecting the Commander-in-Chief to have a higher regard for our military? For criticizing handling of foreign policy affairs that led to the deaths of four Americans?

It's pretty sad when a Presidential candidate, rather than earn votes based on accomplishments and issues, has to appeal for vengeance against a political opponent. Or maybe in Obama's narcissistic mind, he is in an unjust war fighting for his very existence.

Below the fold is a brief, heart wrenching clip of President Barack Obama addressing what remains of his voter base.

Update by SH: Desperation, thy name is the Obama campaign: Look over there!!


This is what bronco bamma said:

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