November 06, 2012

Time To Nut Up or Shut Up: Help Defeat Obama Now

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The time has come to nut up or shut up. Help Mitt Romney defeat the worst President of the last 50 years, or sit on your hands and let the promise of America slip away.

No amount of smug idealism will mollify impoverished future generations who ask why you did nothing on this day, the final moment in which there was time to turn from the precipice.

This time, it's not enough to vote. This time, it's not enough just to give money.

This time, you must take a fence sitter with you to vote. This time, you need to donate time -- the most precious commodity you have -- to the cause of liberty.

Our forefathers gave their lives so you could be free. Our forefathers crossed oceans so you could be free. A few hours of your time is not so high a price to pay for liberty.

Go here and see what you can do to help. Or here. Hell, any where you can call fence-sitters in swing states and get them to get off their asses and go vote Romney!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:00 AM | Comments |