October 30, 2012

Paying Terrorists w/ Tax Dollars

If this report is true, then isn't it also true that US taxpayers are helping pay the salaries of convicted terrorists as well? The last time I checked, the US was also funding the PA, which in turn pays convicted terrorists a salary.

If the numbers are correct, then at today's exchange rate the US dollar equivalent is $3,146 a month to each terrorist. That's not an insignificant amount:

A report by watchdog organisation Palestinian Media Watch shows how Palestinian Authority legislation – introduced last year – sets out eligibility criteria for the payments, which a minister claimed were ‘social assistance’ for prisoners’ families.

This includes those serving multiple life sentences for acts of terrorism, such as the planning and directing of suicide bombings.

The minimum salary is £230 a month, for a prisoner starting his sentence, and increases to a maximum of £1,957 a month for those serving more than 30 years, many of whom have been convicted of shocking atrocities.

Your tax dollars at work. Thanks to 0000

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