October 29, 2012

Compare: Air Force One Delivers Pizza & #Benghazi

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Obama cancelled scheduled campaign stops except for one. While in Florida, all he did was deliver pizzas, because he can.

Washington Times: Mr. Obama had already flown to Florida on Sunday night to hold campaign events on Monday but canceled them and flew back to the White House on Monday morning. The only campaigning he did was to deliver pizzas to a campaign office prompting one reporter, Bloomberg's Hans Nichols, to tweet: "Obama's 12 hour trip to Orlando. ... Most expensive pizza delivery in history?"
I was curious about the Tweet from Hans Nichols, so I checked it out and ran across this:

twitter.com screen capture 2012-10-29-21-37-4_wh_hans_pizza.jpg

I suppose someone thinks it's funny to compare the Obama's administration screw up with the Benghazi terror attack to toppings on a pizza.

All I can do is shake my head in disgust.

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