October 29, 2012

IDF Discover 'Carrier Pigeons' On-board Ship To 'Gaza' (Estelle) Carried Photos Of Israeli Soldiers

Rocket Fire From Gaza Causes Severe Damage
Rocket Fire From Gaza Causes Severe Damage

I haven't posted on the latest leftist, Islamofacist flotilla "Estelle" not wanting to give them more publicity. That's all they seek in their never ending quest to break the blockade ie disinformation campaign against Israel.

The carrier pigeon thingy is worth posting on though:

When Israel Defense Forces soldiers nine days ago overtook the "Estelle" ship, which sought to breach Israel's naval blockade on Gaza, encountered a strange surprise. Between the crates containing toys and medications, they discovered a carrier pigeon.

According to IDF assessments, the pigeons carried digital tags, which were attached around their legs, containing photos of Israeli soldiers as they seized the ship. It is believed the photos were aimed for global media distribution.

Pro-Palestinian Israeli activist Yonatan Shapira, who was on board the ship, confirmed the IDF assessment, saying: "We tagged some of the carrier pigeons with digital memory cards containing photos showing IDF soldiers using taser guns."

Tasers? Really?
The Israeli Navy soldiers operated as planned, and took every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of the passengers. After boarding the vessel by IDF soldiers, who did not need to use force, the passengers were attended to and offered food and beverages.
Iran TV Channel's propaganda interview with one of the activists.

Thousands upon thousands are dying in Syria but yet, no freedom flotilla for them!

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