October 29, 2012

Abu Mansour Al-Amriki Still Not Dead

Abu Mansour Al-Amriki aka Omar Hammami released a second message on his Youtube channel while I was out.


On October 19, 2012, American Al-Shabab commander 'Omar Hammami (aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki) released a three-minute video titled "An Urgent Message" on his YouTube channel.[1] In it, Hammami discusses a serious schism between the Somali (i.e. ansar) and foreign (muhajirin) Al-Shabab fighters, over what appear to be strategic matters. Specifically, Hammami describes the clash as centering around the foreign fighters' desire to extend Al-Shabab operations beyond Somalia.

Hammami's message is addressed to the "leaders of jihad," i.e. the Al-Qaeda leadership, whom he asks to intervene in Al-Shabab's "bitter" situation in Somalia as an impartial arbiter, in order to achieve a sustainable resolution to the internal strife affecting the group.

At the end of his video message, Hammami notes that he has provided further details in a written letter; however, as of this writing, no written message appears on Hammami's YouTube channel or Twitter account.

The video is here, I've downloaded a copy but not put it on my channel yet. I'll check with a few sources to see what's up.

Here are a few translated quotes Via MEMRI

.To the leaders of jihad and the virtuous scholars, [this is a message] from Abu Mansour Al-'Amriki...I beseech your good health of Allah...

"As to the content of this letter, I ask your forgiveness for its extreme brevity and the hastiness of its preparation; however, the difficult conditions, changing situations, and shortness of time play a major role [in the writing of this letter] and place a significant constraint upon us... I wished in this brief message only to allude to the bitter situation that currently engulfs the Somali muhajirin [i.e. foreign fighters], in order to bring the situation to your attention in hopes of a fundamental solution being achieved through your intervention as an impartial... judge.

"Generally, Somalia's history has witnessed some level of friction between the ansar [indigenous fighters] and the muhajirin – to put it another way, between the men who advocate global jihad and those who focus on the local [i.e. Somalia]. I have witnessed important events in this history during my contact with Al-Qaeda men, such as Abu Talha Al-Sudani, Abu 'Abdallah Al-Sudani, Abu Mansour Al-Bayhani, Saleh Al-Nabhan, and Abu Fadl Al-Qamari. And the conflict that took place between those men and the ansar leaders persists [today], after the imprisonment of some and the martyrdom of most, in the framework of the relations between the muhajirin and the ansar, both on the individual and group levels.

"We are concerned that soon, this conflict [between the ansar and muhajirin] will be decided in favor of those who wish for the companies of global jihad not to depart from the land of the two hijra [an epithet for the historical Abyssinia; here, Somalia in particular]... in order to devastate the interests of the unbelievers worldwide. Yet worse, we are worried that the end will have undesirable [consequences, including] injustice, imprisonment, and infighting. Therefore, [I ask you in the name of] Allah [to come to the aid of] your mujahideen brothers, and to rein in the internal strife before it is too late. Be aware that we have sought a means to communicate with you for an extended period of time, especially after the martyrdom of [Saleh] Al-Nabhan, however, many obstacles stood between us. [But] today, the opportunity [to communicate with you] has arrived.

"Do not abandon us, and make sure to contact your muhajirin brothers who rely on you greatly, and even some of the ansar [who rely on you as well]. [Further] details can be found in [my] written letter. We hope for [your] impartial and just [intervention]..."

Update: Christof Putzel, whom Omar has taken a liking to, was also contacted and has this report.
Omar Hammami, the Alabama-born Jihadist who abandoned his roots to join an Islamic extremist group in Somalia, publicly spoke out against the beleaguered Al Shabaab militants on Friday and appealed to al-Qaida for help.

Hammami, 28, who goes by the name Abu Mansour Al Amriki (the American), posted a video of himself on YouTube condemning his former comrades in arms, accusing them of mistreating foreign recruits and ignoring the principles of their Islamic faith, focused only on retaining power for themselves.

In an exclusive interview with Current TV that Hammami gave from Somalia, he said that he knew the brash tactic could get him killed, but that he felt it was important to speak out about how Al Shabaab is “running a police state to keep those in power in power, as opposed to what is in the best interest of Islam.”

On a side note my Tee Vee provider was carrying Current for a while. So I intended to check Christof out on one of the shows there. I wasn't able to catch him on and now its gone again from my list.

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