October 26, 2012

God Hates Obama

Back in August, liberals had a near meltdown because Hurricane Isaac didn't wipe out the Republican National Convention and kill all the GOP attending.

But God has a sense of humor. After teasing the liberals with hurricane Isaac, He sent another hurricane, Sandy, to successfully close down an Obama fundraiser. Damn, and Barack needed those hundreds of dollars too!

While I laugh at Obama's fundraiser being closed down, I am happy no one has yet been injured by the hurricane. I've been through many and it is a very frightening experience. I hope no one is hurt and damages are minimal.

UPDATE: When I wrote the above I had Florida in mind. But as pointed out in comments, there have been some unfortunate deaths in the Caribbean.

PS: I am joking about God hating Obama. Just poking fun at the liberals who prayed hurricane Isaac would wipe out the GOP at the convention a couple of months ago.

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