October 25, 2012

Obama Campaign Intentionally Taking Illegal Foreign Contributions
China Responds, Blocks Obama.com

At some point, poor policing crosses over into negligence and then into out-and-out law breaking. Given that the Obama campaign has been well aware of the flaws in their online contribution campaign for months now and yet have not fixed the problem, I think we can safely say that we have crossed that particular Rubicon:

Itís been reported that Barack Obamaís re-election campaign is knowingly accepting donations from non-U.S. citizens, and PJ Media can confirm that itís not only possible, but very easy, for foreign citizens to make contributions. Iíve been able to donate $25 to the Obama campaign in three separate transactions, despite being a lifelong British citizen resident in the UK. Whatís more, two of my donations were processed despite the Obama campaign noting that I had provided a non-U.S. address, and despite my failure to provide proof of American citizenship when asked to do so.

As a control, he tried to do the same thing with the Romney campaign but it didn't work.


The Chinese government has blocked access to a Web site used as a conduit for donations to President Obamaís re-election, The Post has learned.

The action comes following a report in Sundayís Post that the Obama.com site had been registered to Robert Roche, an Obama campaign bundler who lives and works in China.

An analysis by the Government Accountability Institute found that Obama.com gets almost half its traffic from foreign computer addresses.

Are we still pretending Obama's campaign doesn't know where a lot of their money is coming from? When the Chinese government knows of the problem and takes action, but the Obama campaign pretends it's not an issue then ... Houston, we have a problem.

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