October 25, 2012

American Taliban Preaching Terrorism Against Catholics

The American Taliban? You mean Tea-Partiers, right? Ummm, not exactly:

JZ Knight’s contributions to Democrat at all levels total more than $120,000 for the current election cycle.

F— you, you Catholics!” Knight bellows over cheers from her audience.

We will come on you in a terror,” Knight growls in another cut. “We will bring… St. Peter’s temple down and we will swallow it in the sea.”

That's Pat Robertson she's meeting in this pic, right?


I doubt we'll here any more about this since it goes against the narrative, but Catholic voters might be well served if you forwarded it to them.

And no, this doesn't mean Obama hates Catholics. But imagine if a Republican donor said the same or similar things. Not only would there be demands that the candidate give back the money, but there would be insinuation after insinuation that the candidate really hates Catholics, but just can't say it out loud.

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