October 24, 2012

Democratic Congressman's Son Encourages Voter Fraud
Update: Rep Moran's 'Field Director' Son Resigns

I was just saying earlier this morning that I witnessed what I think was attempted voter fraud. I also noted that the attempt failed because early voters in my state have to show some sort of photo ID. But also that the attempt might have worked on election day because photo ID is not required.

This is worse. It shows the son of Democratic Congressman Jim Moran, Pat, not only encouraging voter fraud but promising DNC resources to help perpetuate it.

They say that they are against voter ID laws are there to protect voting rights. They're lying. They're against voter ID laws because it makes it harder for them to commit fraud.

Watch at least the first 8 or so minutes. The rest of it is the raw unedited footage. A preemptive strike against the Left's accusations of taking the words out of context.

Update by SH: Pat Moran is no longer working for his father's get out the vote as field director. He resigned

Ministry of Irony: Rep Moran's article today calling for investigation of far right activists for voter fraud

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