October 22, 2012

Wisconsin Senator Neal Kedzie's Son Viciously Beaten Over His Romney/Ryan Yard Sign

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You can listen to conservative radio host Mark Belling's interview with Sean here


Update: More at NBC15

.....Fortunately, an alert neighbor heard the commotion, scared the individuals away, and called the police.

[Sen Kedzie]My wife and I were awakened by a telephone call from Sean’s roommate that Sean had been taken by ambulance to Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

Sean was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital the same day.

As this was a private family matter, we chose not to remark publicly about it and allow law enforcement to do their job. But we understand these types of incidents will eventually become public and questions will arise, particularly in my position as a state legislator.

Sean is still recovering from the injuries he sustained as a result of this beating, and we are confident he will make a full recovery.

But obviously, as parents, we are shaken by this event and very troubled it was apparently initiated and motivated for political reasons.

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