October 22, 2012

Reporters 'Not Allowed' To Talk To Voters At Biden Event


Joe Vardon, a reporter with the Columbus Dispatch, says campaign aides stopped him from speaking to voters at a rally featuring Vice President Joe Biden in Canton, Ohio, today.

"Reporters NOT ALLOWED to talk to voters at Biden/Canton event," he tweeted. "Saddled up to two 'Scotts' both white, mid-50s campaign tapped me on shoulder, said I wasn't allowed."

Vardon told POLITICO the aides simply said, "I'm sorry, reporters aren't allowed out here" and did not provide further explanation. Obama campaign headqaurters then reached out, Vardon said, to say that he could speak to the voters, but by that time the rally had started[...]

Vardon noted that he was allowed to speak to voters at multiple events for Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's running mate[gee, like we didn't know who Paul Ryan is...ed], last week.

Obama campaign's Freedom of the Press....FAIL

Oh, there was a "huge great crowd" at the event:

We've got a great crowd in Canton chanting "fired up, ready to go!" for @JoeBiden today. http://instagr.am/p/RFtjpAiYUU/
The reporter, Joe Vardon, tweeted: "Crowd count: 854 people at Biden rally"


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