October 22, 2012

A Red Carpet for Islamist Radicals at the White House

And why it matters:


A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.

Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.

The IPT made the discovery combing through millions of White House visitor log entries. IPT compared the visitors' names with lists of known radical Islamists. Among the visitors were officials representing groups which have:

~Been designated by the Department of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorist trials; Extolled Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas and Hizballah;
~Obstructed terrorist investigations by instructing their followers not to cooperate with law enforcement;
~Promoted the incendiary conspiratorial allegation that the United States is engaged in a "war against Islam"— a leading tool in recruiting Muslims to carry out acts of terror;
~Repeatedly claimed that many of the Islamic terrorists convicted since 9-11 were framed by the U.S government as part of an anti-Muslim profiling campaign.


The report included the Muslim Public Affairs Council's (MPAC) influence on this administrations policy. The name Haris Tarin, MPAC's Washington director, stood out to me:
MPAC's Influence on Policy

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has secured the closest working relationship with the Obama White House despite a record of anti-Semitism, whitewashing the terrorist threat and hostility toward law enforcement. Fifteen MPAC officials have been welcomed by the White House. Executive Director Salam al-Marayati enjoyed at least six White House visits between September 2009 and July 2011, mostly involving meetings with Monteiro. Alejandro Beutel, who was MPAC's government liaison until July 2012, had 10 White House visits between July 2010 and May 2012.

MPAC's Washington director Haris Tarin made 24 trips to the White House between December 2009 and March 2012. Those meetings often were intimate in nature, involving a handful of people at most.[More..]

Today, along with Ambassador Susan Cook and others, the US Institute for Peace is hosting a webcast about "religious tolerance" aka Islam. Haris Tarin is one of the panelists
Webcasts at USIP
Religion, Violence, and Coexistence

On October 22, 2012, the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) will host a panel discussion about civil society’s role in preventing and addressing provocative statements of religious bias and violent responses to it. The panelists will discuss the complementarities and tensions between the freedoms of expression and religion, use of the media in fomenting religious discrimination, and how to work with the media to promote respect for all religious traditions[aka only Islam...ed]

The Internet release of a trailer for the anti-Islam film "The Innocence of Muslims" recently sparked protests around the world, some of which turned violent. These events serve as a stark reminder of the relationship between freedom of expression[1st Amendment...ed], religious coexistence, religious freedom, violence and security[...]

[Webcast: This event will be webcast live beginning at 10:00am EDT on October 22, 2012. Submit questions for the panel on Twitter with #IRFatUSIP]

Is it any wonder why this administration kept pushing the narrative that the Mohammed video was the reason for the attack on the Benghazi compound and also failing to call it a "terror attack"?

The fox is in the hen house.

h/t The DC

Update: Apparently, and I don't know why[wink wink], Haris Tarin is not among the panelists. Hoda Elshishtawy is representing MPAC.

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