October 16, 2012

DU: Romney/Neo-Cons Behind False Flag Benghazi Job

Democratic Underground thread (artist rendition)

Speaking of conspiracy nuts, it's been a long time since I trolled the Democratic Underground since there are only so many computer monitors I can safely put my fist through before Mrs. Shackleford starts to complain. Fortunately, AW1 Tim puts on a gas mask, full bio-hazard suit, and clicks on over to the DU for this little nugget of the crazy:

Republicans trying so hard to make our ambassadors killing political makes me think they were possibly behind the whole thing. Remember they have their mercenary killing machine formerly known as black water at their any whim.

Maybe that is what Romney and his billionaire jewish supporter discussed in their secret meetings. I may be wrong on this but after seeing what their killing machine did in Iraq I do think it possible they are wiling to do anything to embolden middle east turmoil.

Just me thinking out load. I hope I am wrong, but I do feel now the republicans will do anything to get elected including killing innocent people.

What i have learned about the Republicans is when they say look over here, look over there.

Okay, so every forum gets the random nut. Maybe other Democratic Underground readers shouted the guy down?

Nope. There was criticism of the comment, but not over the Romney-Blackwater false-flag killing of the US ambassador to Libya all in an effort to make Obama look bad plot. No, only the part which links the Republican killing machine to the J-O-Os gets any negative feedback (various responses aggregated).

Anti-semitic comments have no place on DU...

I said asserting that the Rmoney campaign's lies, distortions, and -- okay, possible criminal conspiracies -- are due to their support from a Jewish billionaire donor is an anti-Semitic comment.

I'm no Zionist apologist, but what is the point of emphasizing Rmoney donors' religious affiliations in this case?....

So, there you are. Today's equal opportunity crazy.

And thanks to AW1 Tim for dropping that in the comments.

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