October 16, 2012

UNC Denies In-State Tuition For NC Soldier While Mulling In-State Tuition For Illegals

The University of North Carolina is denying an Iraq war veteran in-state tuition. At the same time, the university is considering giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition:

Perez was honorably discharged in September 2009, and, after giving birth to daughter Calleigh, and sought to build a post-military career. When her husband won a transfer back to Fort Bragg to rejoin his family, Perez started applying to colleges in the area in hopes of pursuing a master's degree as a physician's assistant. She told FoxNews.com she was accepted to both UNC’s Fayetteville and Pembroke branches and chose Pembroke. But Perez was shocked when UNC-Pembroke officials told her she was not considered an in-state resident, even though the Fayetteville branch said she was. The G.I. Bill Perez hoped to use for school does not cover out-of-state tuition. [...]

Adding insult to injury, says Thigpen, is the fact the UNC is currently considering granting in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants at all 16 of its branches, including Pembroke.

Her name is Perez. She should have just said, "no habla ingles" and pretended to be a non-citizen. UNC would have rolled out the red carpet for her.

It's a sad day when an illegal gets more benefits in America than a U.S. soldier.

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