October 15, 2012

Ministry of Boobies: Guidance Counselor Fired for Slutty Pics

TiffaniWebb-06b.jpgHead Line News:

Tiffany Webb thought her past as a lingerie model more than 17 years ago was behind her, but those racy photos caught up to her. Webb's attorney Stewart Karlin says The New York State Department of Education terminated Webb's employment from Murry Bergtraum High School last year, because scantily clad photos of her are still on the internet.
The New York Post has more.
Webb, now 37, said she posed in seductive undies between age 18 to 20, but stopped modeling several years before she became a city teacher in 1999. She has worked in elementary, middle and high schools.

But the photos — virtually all Photoshopped or altered, she says — kept popping up without her permission on sleazy sites such as “Mo Girls Entertainment” and “Showgirlz Exclusive,” even though she demanded their removal.

Well apparently she has not asked the NY Post to take those down. Hmmm....

I've a personal interest in when Boobies get fired. You see when I was little I stuttered a bit, so they sent me to the speech therapist. I went to a really small school in a really small town. But we had a really really pretty young speech therapist just out of college. And I got to spend two hour with this angel every week. Cured baby! Stuttering gone! Replaced with new healthy boobie obsession!

But Coach was reading Playboy in the Coaches office and low and behold there was our new speech therapist. So did they fire the coach for, you know, reading porn in his office? Hell no. They fired my speech therapist for the Playboy pics.

I was heartbroken by this terrible injustice! So its kind of become a personal crusade for me if you will.

Anyway I've been doing some research to find out just what this scandal is all about. And as far as I can tell the pics are pretty strait forward and the school seems to be overreacting.

More pics below the fold. Thanks to The Chronicles of Efrem, Consultlmc and QBN's Chick of the Day thread(NSFW) and The212.






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