October 15, 2012

Media Withholds Names of 10 Men Convicted in Gang Rapes Of French Girls

One of the girls was a virgin when she was taken by a local Muslim gang and passed around as booty from the Kafir.

Imagine. The name one of the gang-rape victims but give no name or information whatsoever of the 10 men CONVICTED of aggravated serial gang rape of teen girls in France. I get it that names should not be given of the accused. After all, you should not be able to destroy the lives of good people on the mere accusation of sexual misconduct. This would make blackmail a national sport. But these men where CONVICTED.
The men dismissed women's claims, uncovered meat you know
The 14 men on trial, now aged between 29 and 33, many of whom are married with families and jobs including one ambulance driver, deny rape. Some of them said sex took place but was consensual and that the alleged victims "liked sex". Details from the trial conveyed to the press showed some defendants making comments such as that the women were too ugly to rape, or that sexual relations had not taken place "because if they had I would have heard Nina moaning in pleasure". The women's lawyers complained that some had dismissed the alleged victims as "liars or nymphomaniacs".
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