October 13, 2012

8/3/2012: Hamas Frees Abu Al-Waleed Al-Maqdissi, a Qaeda-Tied Leader Of Jihadist Group In Gaza
10/13/2012: IAF Splodes Him & Fellow Mujahidiot

A twofer, I love happy endings:

JPost: The air force launched an air strike on Saturday night on members of a Palestinian jihadi organization that fired a rocket into southern Israel over the weekend and which were planning terror attacks on Israel the IDF said.

Palestinian medical sources said two men riding a motorcycle in northern Gaza were reportedly killed in the strike.

he interior ministry of Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza, said one of the men killed was Hisham Al-Saedni, also known as Abu Al-Waleed Al-Maqdissi, believed to head the Jihadist Salafi group Tawhid and Jihad (One God and Holy War).

The group, rival to Hamas, has an Islamist ideology shared by al-Qaida and sources have said that Saedni joined al-Qaida in Iraq at the beginning of the US-led invasion in 2003.

In March 2011 Hamas detained Saedni for 17 months and had freed him in August


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