October 12, 2012

Egypt: Tahrir Square Protests, Again

It's Friday, after prayers protest day. Apparently, from what I can gather, some Egyptians are not too pleased with their Muslim Brotherhood President. The protest is rather confusing because there are so many groups so unsure "who" the opposition is.

Via QWMagazine"Liveblog: Mursi supporters and opponents clash in Egypt’s Tahrir Square":

Video: MB (Supporters and/or Members) heckle and wreck opposition stage in #Tahrir today, chant "Morsi! Morsi!" bit.ly/X1Zq2q:
[Note a lone al-Qaeda flag to the right of the screen]:

Apparently, Ikhwan (aka Muslim Brotherhood) are now denying they were doing the stuff they were doing today/night

Also, from what I take from Egyptian blogger @Sandmonkey's tweets, this is the start of the "winter clashes". So this may be a good thing, only time will tell.

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