October 12, 2012

Report: Canadian Man & American Woman Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Via Montreal Gazette

A Canadian man and an American woman, both civilians, have reportedly been abducted by gunmen in Afghanistan.

Citing anonymous sources, a media report from that country indicated the pair was kidnapped while travelling from eastern Ghazni province to the[note...the sentence wasn't completed..ed]

Afghan government officials have not yet commented on the incident, said the report by Khaama Press

Pak Tribune is reporting:
A resident of the area said on condition of anonymity that the kidnap victims were an American woman and a Canadian man. They were seized by the Taliban between Shashgaw and Salar areas of Syedabad district on Wednesday.

A Taliban commander in Syedabad, meanwhile, confirmed the abduction of the foreigners by the fighters. However, he refused to give details.

Only the Canadian media seem to be covering this. Will update when more info becomes available

h/t @milnews_ca

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