October 12, 2012

White House: Obama & Biden Were Never Aware Of Requests For More Libya Security

During the hearing on Benghazi this week, it was known several requests were made to at least keep the security they had and even more was needed. The requests were denied repeatedly.

Joe Biden, during the debate last night, denied there were security requests. He used the word "we" never knew. Why, especially leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, didn't they know and who is "we"?

I call BS

Obama skips Intel briefings, and 4 Americans died

This video says it all "Question: Doesn't The Buck Stop At The White House On Libya"?

Also, at the hearing on Benghazi, funding had nothing to do with denial of security in Libya. Spin, spin, spin:

This administration has always blamed everything that happens on someone, something else.

They own this mess, period.

Rep Kelly: Libya Security Cut While Vienna Embassy Gained Chevy Volts

Also, you may want to read why Ace has this out:


Update: So, according to Jay Carney, Obama, Biden and the White House are not part of the administration?


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