October 09, 2012

Andrew Sullivan: Crazy

A buddy sent me this link to Andrew Sullivan's latest piece in whatever gossip journal he writes for now. The thing about Sullivan is that he's crazy. I mean that literally. I feel sorry for the guy.

He keeps using the word "liar" to describe Romney when, in fact, Sullivan is just a partisan hack who uses the term as a non-descriptive pejorative. He, like most of Obama's fan boys, pretends like the last four years haven't happened.

That somehow a Romney plan for the future can be empirically tested, found wanting, and then labelled a "lie" based on ... well, the potential for it not producing the expected outcome. He forgets the fact that Obama's "plans" have been implemented, can in fact be tested, and have in fact been found wanting.

Obama promised to cut the deficit in half, instead he has doubled or tripled it for each of the past three and a half years. Either Obama was lying -- which makes him a liar -- about "plans" to cut the deficit or his "plan" didn't work -- which just makes him a failure.

Did I also mention that Andrew Sullivan is crazy? I'm completely totally serious. Which is why I just feel sorry for the guy. But more so for his readers who are not aware of his slow mental deterioration.

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