October 06, 2012

Help Defend Bloggers from Leftist Lawfare

An appeal from Aaron Worthing to help the non-profit that is defending him pay the bills. You can donate to the Bloggers Defense Team here.

Convicted domestic terrorist, perjurer, and drug dealer Brett Kimberlin’s reign of “lawfare” intimidation is reeling from its first sustained challenge, and he is showing signs of cracking. The support we’ve received from so many other freedom-loving people has made that possible! But “the Dread Pirate Kimberlin” is one tough & vicious customer and he won’t go down without a hard legal fight! We need your support to continue the fight for free speech!!

For years Mr. Kimberlin’s ‘sue first, ask questions later’ tactics have been based on the premise that if you threaten, intimidate, and harass your opponents most people will figure it isn’t worth it to tangle with you – and so far it’s worked.

Kimberlin put these deplorable tactics to work when he confronted Aaron Walker, but Aaron Walker fought back – losing his job and being SWATted in the process! Now, the Bloggers Defense Team led by Dan Backer has stepped in and dealt Kimberlin a series of defeats in their defense of Aaron Walker’s Constitutional right of Free Speech. Walker’s Virginia lawsuit against Kimberlin is moving forward, with Kimberlin under a COURT ORDER to produce discovery for the first time – and order he has stated he will defy.

Kimberlin’s defiance of the order seems to be based on an attrition strategy. He thinks he can outlast us if he drags out the process at every stage. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Kimberlin isn’t fighting against discovery so ferociously for nothing - but we may never know what he’s hiding if we run out of funding.

The Dread Pirate’s latest motion seeks to silence us by bringing baseless sanctions against Backer. He thinks if he can get sympathy from the court he can stop discovery. We won’t let that happen, but we can’t do it without your support.

Kimberlin has also been feeling the heat in Maryland, where a different case focusing on the chilling effect he and his nonprofits have had on Free Speech is also underway.

Mere days after being added to the case, the “brietbartunmasked” website that many think is run by Kimberlin has mysteriously shut down, citing legal pressure from Backer as a major reason. They won’t get off the hook that easily.

Kimberlin may be on the run but the job is far from over. The lawyers on this case that are absolutely essential to support Backer can’t work for free like he does, no matter how noble the cause, and we can’t continue to win without them. And without continued support from the blogging community, we can’t keep doing the work of defending the rights of bloggers everywhere.

We need your help. We need it now. Please stand up for free speech, robust political discourse and internet freedom by donating TODAY to the Bloggers Defense Team!

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