October 05, 2012

Good News: Syrian Rebels Discard Pesky Geneva Conventions

Russia Today:

In Syria, the Free Syrian Army says in two days they could start executing 48 Iranians they kidnapped in August. They claim their captives are Revolutionary Guards, Tehran says they're pilgrims. The threat would be carried out if the Syrian regime does not fulfill demands to release rebels fighters and stop shelling. RT talks to John Laughland - from the Paris-based Institute of Democracy and Cooperation
The Free Syrian Army seems to be more and more influenced by the al-Nusra front. The al-Nusra Front appears similar in style and tactics to Iraqi insurgent terrorists from AQI and Ansar al-Sunnah(Sharia).

At first the Free Syrian Army made statements that all prisoners of war would be treated well in accordance with the rules of civilized conflict. It appears those statements were window dressing as now they have adopted the tactic of threatening to murder hostages unless demands are met.

I seriously doubt they are bluffing.

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