October 04, 2012

Race Bating from Patrick Murphy Campaign

For some reason I'm on Allen West challenger Democrat Patrick Murphy's email list. Usually I just delete them and move on. But when I saw that the latest piece of email came from Congressman John Lewis, I decided to read it.

This is pure unadulterated race baiting. The email uses a prominent black politician to try to convince minority voters in Allen West's district that West -- who is also black -- doesn't want them to vote.

I'd say I was surprised, but this is par for the course for John Lewis who is likely to cry racism at the drop of a hat. But trying to pull that card against a fellow black member of Congress? That's pretty low.

Here's the email:

This is deeply personal for me.

Iíve been marching and preaching and fighting for voting rights for over 50 years. Today, weíre seeing a deliberate and systematic effort on the part of Republican officials to prevent minorities, seniors, the young, and the poor from casting their ballots.

Republicans are intent on beating my friend Patrick Murphy, running for Congress against Tea Party leader Allen West in Florida's Treasure Coast, and we canít let them steal this election. We must do everything we can to protect the vote.

Will you stand with Patrick and help today so we can make sure he wins this November?

Patrick believes like I do that voting is critical to our society and it matters. We must do everything we can to protect the vote. Too many courageous people have fought to secure the vote. Donít let it be taken away. Stand up for Patrick and help us today with a gift. Please contribute now.

Thank you,

John Lewis
This is your modern Democratic party. They try to scare black people into voting for them, even when the victim of those scare tactics is another black man.

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