October 04, 2012

Obama’s State Department CUT Security at Benghazi????

I think I've been more than patient with the Obama administration on the debacle at Benghazi that led to the murder of our ambassador, two intelligence agents, and a State Department employee. I wanted to believe that the low security profile there was intentional. That, given the mission and al Qaeda presence in the city, that our intelligence community wanted to keep a low profile. I gave Pres. Obama, Sec. of State Clinton, and the powers that be the benefit of the doubt.

When it comes to foreign policy, especially in hot zones like Libya, I think we should cut the President -- whoever that is -- a great deal of slack.

But it looks like I was wrong. If this report is true, then I'd say some firings are in order. And since it looking more and more like Sec. of State Clinton and Pres. Obama have been in full cover up and/or denial mode for weeks now, then perhaps the buck needs to stop somewhere closer to the White House?

In the six months leading up to the assault on the United States consulate in Benghazi, the State Department reduced the number of trained Americans guarding U.S. facilities in Libya, according to a leading House Republican investigating the Sept. 11 anniversary attacks. The reduction in U.S. security personnel increased America’s reliance on local Libyan guards for the protection of its diplomats.
And what was Obama doing as our ambassador was being murdered and our embassies invaded? Skipping his security briefing in order to fund raise and then appear on The View.

Video via Ace.

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