October 02, 2012

Video Shows American Hostage Austin Tice

Here is a video of Austin Tice posted on the internet, an American journalist in Syria who went missing some time ago. It is the first public proof of life that we've seen of him.

I just watched a CNN International report on the video, which raises doubts as to just who is holding Tice. The inference is that while the video does show Tice, that since the captors are not wearing the right clothes for Syria, that it's some kind of put on my the Syrian government to make the opposition look bad. However, given that there are thousands of Islamist radicals who have come from abroad to Syria in order to fight the Assad regime, it's not clear to me why they wouldn't be wearing clothes that were ... un-Syrian?

Whoever is holding Tice, the video does make them look bad. From the shouts of "Takfir!" and the replies of "Allahu akbar", this seems very much a precursor to the hostage being murdered. It's a mantra, a kind of way to psych one self up to the horror of taking an innocent life.

And Tice's reaction seems to indicate that at least he believes that he is about to be murdered.

This is not good.

The video below is not graphic, but its implications are upsetting. Let's pray that the "mujahideen" here are only trying to scare the American hostage. The alternative is horrible.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:25 AM | Comments |