September 30, 2012

Top Palestinian Islamic Cleric in Lebanon Zaghmout Calls upon Muslims to Unite in Jihad

h/t Religion of Peace

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace

"Mohammed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are harsh
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29

2012.09.30 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Islamists fire grenades into a local fair.
2012.09.29 (Yala, Thailand) - Brave Mujahideen shoot a 72-year-old man to death.
2012.09.29 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - A 42-year-old Buddhist woman is machine-gunned by Runda Kumpulan Kecil while riding with her husband.
2012.09.29 (Yala, Thailand) - Muslim 'separatists' shoot a married woman in the back as she is riding a motorcycle with her husband.
2012.09.28 (Karachi, Pakistan) - A prayer leader is sprayed with bullets by sectarian rivals.
2012.09.28 (Yala, Thailand) - An elderly couple is slain outside a plantation by Muslim militants.

* Sources for individual incidents can be provided upon request.

WWMD (What Would Mohammed Do) is strange considering the last 3 letters...

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