September 29, 2012

Canadian GITMO Detainee Omar Khadr Arrives In Canada screen capture 2012-9-29-13-1-43_speer.jpg
Afghanistan, on July 27, 2002. Speer, who was not wearing a helmet at the time because the mission called for indigenous clothing, suffered a head wound from a grenade and succumbed to his injuries approximately two weeks later

October of 2010 Khadr cops a plea for killing one of our finest and bravest in Afghanistan. His sentence was reduced to - 8 f'n years. "He was young and didn't know better" bs.


The youngest prisoner to be held at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre has been returned to his native Canada.

Omar Khadr had been held at the US base in Cuba since 2002, after being detained in Afghanistan aged 15.

A military plane flew Khadr, the last Westerner at Guantanamo, to Canada early on Saturday.


He will serve the rest of his eight-year jail term in Canada. He pleaded guilty to killing a US soldier in Afghanistan.

Khadr left the prison on a US military plane and arrived at a Canadian air base in Trenton in Ontario province, from where he was transferred to the Millhaven maximum prison, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told a news conference[...]

'Known al-Qaeda supporter'

The Khadrs have been called Canada's "first family of terror".

Omar Khadr's father, an associate of Osama Bin Laden, took the family to Peshawar, in Pakistan, to support the Afghan mujahideen in their war against the Soviets when Khadr was a child. The father died in a firefight with Pakistani troops near the Afghan border in 2003.

One brother is paralysed from the waist down after being wounded in that same battle. Another has just been released from jail in Toronto after successfully fighting extradition to the US on terror charges.

Omar Khadr's sister Zaynab and mother Maha are well-known in Canada for their extremist views.


1986: Born in Toronto
1996: Family moves to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, where it allegedly has regular encounters with Osama Bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders
2002: Khadr captured during clash between US and Afghan soldiers, and small group of militants
2007: Charged with murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, providing support to terrorism and spying
2008: Video shows Khadr being questioned by Canadian officials, and complaining of being denied access to proper medical treatment
2010: Pleads guilty and is sentenced to 40 years in prison, reduced to eight
2012: Returns to Canada

After serving the rest of his 8 f'n years he will be free to do it again. While at GITMO he relished killing one of our finest and bravest: ""[While in custody] he would recall his killing of the US soldier and it would make him feel good"

F'n bleeding heart liberals supporting this savage.

SFC Speer's Killer Leaves Gitmo

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