September 29, 2012

Northeastern U's Muslim Chaplain Removed After Video Exposes Support for Terrorists

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In what may be the first time a Muslim religious figure was removed from a campus position by a university administration, Boston’s Northeastern University told Imam Abdullah Faaruuq that his services as chaplain for Muslim students were “no longer needed.” This happened just days after we published an expose documenting that Faaruuq is a supporter of convicted Islamist terrorists who is inciting Boston Muslims against the U.S government.

Our findings about Imam Faaruuq are summarized in our video: It shows that there is a culture of extremism at the Islamic Society of Northeastern University (ISNU) – the Muslim student group on campus that Faaruuq led as its “spiritual adviser.”

Among other extremist activity he brings to campus, Faaruuq has been active in a movement seeking to free convicted Al Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui and Tarek Mehanna. The video shows FBI Director Robert Mueller describing Siddiqui in 2004 as one of the seven most wanted Al Qaeda terrorists. Aafia Siddiqui, a young Pakistani-born MIT student, got involved with an Al Qaeda cell while in Boston. In 2008, she was arrested in Afghanistan and charged with attempted murder of FBI agents. In her possession were plans for a chemical attack on New York City and a large amount of cyanide. In 2010, she was convicted and sentenced to 86 years in jail.

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Democrat Gov Deval Patrick of Massachusetts didn't appear to have a problem with this terror supporting Imam:

On May 22nd, Massachusetts Governor Patrick embraced the radical leadership of the Muslim American Society (MAS), including Imam Abdullah Faarooq who told followers they must "pick up the gun and the sword" in response to the arrests of local Islamic extremist Aafia Siddiqui and terror suspect Tarek Mehanna. Full sermon by Imam Faaruuq is available here:
Gov Patrick was one of the "rock stars" at the Democratic National Convention. His words "this election is the most important of our lifetime" rings true. Not for them but for us. Obama needs to go, like yesterday.

The filmmaker of "Innocence of Muslims" is in jail, without bail. Mona Eltahawy, self proclaimed "liberal Muslim" and "#ProudSavage, vandalism of pro-Israel ads in New York scored 1 for Shariah, 0 for the 1st Amendment

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etc, etc, etc...

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