September 28, 2012

Source Revealed Why Abdulmutallab's (aka Crispy Crotch) Underwear Was 'Moist'...

Crispy Crotch wore his bomb underwear for 3 weeks

DETROIT (WXYZ) - In an exclusive interview with two FBI agents who cracked the case, 7 Action News Investigator Scott Lewis has new details that never came to light because "Underwear Bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab pleaded guilty to avoid a trial.

Abdulmutallab is the Nigerian man who tried to take down a jumbo jet over metro Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.

Among other surprises the agents revealed that Abdulmutallab was working for Al-Qaeda, but he was not recruited by the terrorist organization.

FBI agents also say the Underwear Bomber might have inadvertently foiled his own plot because of his obsession about making sure the bomb would not be detected[...]

Surprisingly Abdulmutallab admitted he was a suicide bomber affiliated with Al-Qaeda. He told them what kind of device it was, said he was acting alone, and there were no other suicide bombers in the air.

"The world was on notice at that point; we may be under attack. We were able to share information pretty rapidly to alleviate some of that concern," Peissig says.

Agents say Abdulmutallab is exceptionally bright, well educated and good on his feet. On the way to the U.S. there were several times when he could have been tripped up and detected but he smooth-talked his way through. His obsession to detail is what apparently caused his suicide mission to fail.

Agents say he wore the underwear bomb for three weeks straight to get comfortable with it and make sure it would not be detected. They say he removed his specially modified underwear only to shower.

"So basically for three weeks he wore this garment, these underwear with this device in it. We think ultimately that is probably what caused the disruption in the sequence of events in the explosion," recalls Peissig.

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Well, how do we know the underwear he previously wore was changed daily?!?

Thankfully, he had bad bomb grooming habits.

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