September 28, 2012

The Afghan Insult to Christians

This Christian symbol which indicates that Christians follow Jesus' teaching to be fishers of men is considered by Muslims to be a Mark of the Beast. I can't really think of a bigger insult to Christians than labeling them Anti-Christ.


Michael Yon: We like to think that after a decade of counterinsurgency, we have learned something. Have we? What does a cross on a helicopter mean? For some Afghans, its a mark of the beast. The poster above was hanging on a wall in eastern Afghanistan.

Of the approximate fifty evil symbols, most are crosses. Even the shape of an anchor is seen as unholy.

An Afghan friend translates:

*Destroying the cross is an Islamic obligation*

1. Christians want to publish and spread their unholy and cursed religious logos and signs in different shapes and appearances in clean and holy Muslim society.

2. These Christianity signs (Crosses) have affected our Islamic society too

even our mosques and our Menbers are not safe from those Christianity signs (Crosses).

While Islam demand that all others respect its books and symbols, such as the Moon God symbol of Allah and the Koran, not to mention the false prophet Muhammad, follower and prophet for the the Prince of Lies.

Islam affords Christians and all other faiths no such courtesy.

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