September 27, 2012

PM Netanyahu Used a Visual Aid Of A "Red Line" During His Address To The UN General Assembly

My first impression when I saw the "bomb drawing" was of a certain turbaned guy, but that's just me.

There are a lot of "for" and "against" his use of a"cartoon" drawing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought a visual aid with him today to the United Nations General Assembly. During his speech the Israeli Prime Minister explained the Iranian regime had already completed the first stage on their way to a nuclear bomb. The regime is working on the second stage. Netanyahu urged the members to draw a red line before the Iranians complete the second stage of their program.
Due to the number of idiots at the UN I thought his drawing and explanation of the red line was right on.

Update: The photos the Associated Press of Terrorists and al-Reuters sent out to the wires shows Bibi in a Nazi salute.

What, were they offended of the bomb drawing?


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