September 27, 2012

El Jueves Satirical Magazine Makes Fun Of Rage Boys


I really don't think Islamists understand "satire". Hell, they hadn't even seen the Innocence of Muslims video and they still went crazy as shit.

El Jueves, a Spanish satirical magazine, dedicates its front page to the riots in the Islamic World caused by the various representations of the Prophet.

The riots were sparked by a video deemed blasphemous and cartoons published by French magazine Charlie Hebdo. This week, the Spanish weekly jokes around with the controversy.

In the cartoon that appears on the cover, various Muslims appear in a lineup under the title: "But does anyone knows what Muhammad looks like?".

Mayte Quílez, editor of El Jueves, told El Huffington Post that the cover "does not intend to portray Muhammad". "It's a parody of the situation we are experiencing" in Islamic countries.

"If you can’t depict Muhammad, how do you know it is him in the cartoons?" she asks.

The magazines Facebook page, which shows the cover, has a lot of "dislikes" such as "f**k you bast**ds.

El Jueves is posting different images to show how they make fun of everyone. For instance, Jews.

I tried to check their website out but it appears they are experiencing problems.

My tab reads: "El Jueves "Las Vegas Edition": screen capture 2012-9-27-9-34-16.jpg

I checked a link at Facebook from one of their posts: screen capture 2012-9-27-10-24-5_ddos.jpg

Don't make fun of the pedophile, kaffir!!!

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