September 26, 2012

Pink Vaginas Are Going To South Waziristan To Protest CIA Drone Strikes


Yes, South f'n Waziristan. How they plan to make it into that area, I have no clue.

[ZIP]USA 26 September 2012: Seven Members of Veterans For Peace are part of a 40-member delegation organized by Code Pink and planning to be in Pakistan between September 28th and October 10th. VFP members Leah Bolger, Dave Dittemore, Bill Kelly, Jody Mackey, Rob Mulford, and Ann Wright will meet with drone victims’ families, elected officials, tribal elders, and residents of South Waziristan, where U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands, while injuring and making refugees of many more. Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin is an associate member of VFP.[More..]
Yeah, the Taliban just love them some more so called NGO's necks to saw off, before they rape/sodomize them. Hell, they may even make it onto YouTube in a hostage video. Canadian and owner of Jihad Unspun, Beverly Giesbrecht (aka Khadija Abdul Qahaar), WAS a Taliban sympathizer. She died while in their captivity.

They better not get any of our guys killed saving their sorry asses. Or, f'up a drone strike in the area.

This is probably related: South Waziristan Peace March: PTI Prepares for Oct 6th With High Hopes


On October 6, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will march to South Waziristan with an estimated crowd of over 100,000 people, but many rival political parties of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) remain unconvinced about the likelihood of the rally.

Security concerns

The PTI’s organiser for South Waziristan Agency, Ajab Gul Wazir, told The Express Tribune that the march was keeping in tune with the preferences of the tribal people. The PTI has expressed its desire to sympathise with the unsuspecting victims of the ‘war on terror’. “Like the tribal people, we want to get out of this war,” said Wazir. “We have no security worries. We are marching with the tribes and not against them.”

PTI chief Imran Khan has also constantly played down security risks in the area. He claims that ground realities show that there are in fact less security risks in South Waziristan than in the settled areas In press conferences, he has also stipulated that the increased presence of security check posts along the road leading from Tank to South Waziristan will reduce threats. The PTI hopes that a strong presence of the Pakistan Army in the area will help the rally run smoother. The PTI Women’s Wing Central President, Fauzia Kasuri, has also claimed that women will attend the march, despite security risks.

Earlier, media reports surfaced that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members had threatened to kill the PTI leader if he entered the area. However, the TTP retracted the statement, saying that it would make a decision about its stance at a date closer to the march.

Unbelievably f'n stupid liberal dhimmis.

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