September 26, 2012

NYC: Hapless Iranian Diplomat Saved By Kaffir NYPD (Videos)

Shorter (when A'jad & his entourage are safely back in Iran) - evil American police and some Jews beat up and kidnapped one of our diplomats but after A'jad threatened them he was released.

But first, to put this all in perspective, the Iranians Obama ignored:

Iranian diplomat rescued from angry protesters

A hapless Iranian diplomat found himself surrounded by a mob of his angry countrymen who were protesting Tehran's rogue regime outside the United Nations and had to ask New York cops to save him, has learned.

The diplomat, identified as Deputy Foreign Minister Ramin Nodehi Karast Mehman, was on foot when he was surrounded by anti-Iranian protesters Wednesday afternoon, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told

“He got separated from his motorcade," Browne said. "Presumably, he might have been somewhat frightened by the encounter.”

The desperate deputy despot flagged down a police officer who helped him get to safety, according to Browne.[More...]

h/t @HehTammyBruce

Update: A comment on this video

the guy getting kicked and cursed at is Memandoost, the speaker of Iranian foreign ministry. He had joined the cowered Ahmadinejad ( the fake president of Iran ) at the today. After they walked out of UN, this dude and another guy ( Hezbolahi dude) decided to take a walk by the protesters. You see the rest on the video, he deserved every bit of this and more. I am happy THE NYPD stood strong and LET them get their ass kicked for a beautiful 4:40 seconds.

More videos below fold:

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