September 26, 2012

Egypt's Prez Morsi Wants Americans To Submit To Islam

Apparently a lot of YouTube viewers agree:

EngineerEg: Morsi is absolutely right, freedom of speech should not mean freedom to insult others. Should I be allowed under freedom of speech to start a rumor that your mother is whore, or that you're a homosexual when you're not? I don't think so. It should not be an absolute freedom that gives one the right to say whatever sick shit comes to anyone's mind and offend people left and right without a care in the world. Freedom of speech should mean freedom to express opinions in a decent civilized manner.
Well, Morsi and "EngineerEg", prepare to be offended even more.

As for me, I will be stocking up on more popcorn.

Allahoo Snackbar!

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