September 26, 2012

Islamic Rage Boys Rage Because Of "Innocence of Muslims" & Mitt Romney

Yes Mitt Romney, I kid you not

[Al Arabiya]The film producers got exactly what they wanted by Jihad el-Khazen

In Lebanon, there is a saying [that loosely translates as]: Ember only hurts where it burns. In other words, pain – or harm – is only felt by those who are directly affected it by it[...]

On the same page, there was a story about protests in Pakistan against the foul anti-Islam film that insulted the Prophet, in which 20 people were killed. I had condemned the protests since day one, and I condemn them again today. The producers of the film are getting exactly what they wanted with the help of protesters blinded by ignorance.

Is there any better news for the enemies who produced the film to provoke Muslims, than to read that 20 Muslims here, ten there, and five elsewhere were killed while protesting their film, which is as vile as its producers are? The victims of these protests were Muslims, who were killed by Muslim policemen in Muslim countries, and did the exact bidding of the enemies of Islam and Muslims[...]

Before I forget, I want to note that the weekend edition of the Financial Times had published a story about Mitt Romney on its first page – the Republican candidate for the White House. The story angered me as much as Romney’s hawkish foreign policy and his alliance with war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu have done.

"Jihad" continued to bitch about what Romney made and paid in taxes.

Romney supports Israel and Obama doesn't so Jihad needs to set the record straight with his readers or something.

Srzly, what in the hell are these people smoking for gawds sake, cow dung?

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