September 25, 2012

Why Was The Black Flag Of Jihad Flying In NYC On Sunday?

Islamists murdered four Americans in Benghazi and now the Muslim Day Parade sports the black flag of jihad?!?


h/t ZIP

[Update: Urban Infidel was at the parade has more images/videos here. The official magazine for the parade shows the Black Flag flying over the White House]

Related: Senator Tony Avello didn't like the rapping jihadette and stormed off the stage:

On a beautiful September Sunday afternoon, not far from the scene of the infamous Islamic jihad attack in lower Manhattan, Democrat New York State Senator Tony Avello came face-to-face with Muslim hatred for America and he did something that few people have the courage to do. He got up from his seat as a VIP Marshall of the 27th annual New York Muslim Parade and stormed off the stage in disgust!

Over one thousand Muslims in the audience and the large group of Muslim community leaders were shocked that the Senator would walk off the stage, even before it was his turn to speak. But, Tony Avella had enough of the blatant tirade of hate against America by "moderate" Muslim dignitary after by "moderate" Muslim dignitary and his love for America was more important than embarrassing a group of Muslim "wolves in sheep's clothing." Sure, the Muslim cultural jihadi's had the first amendment right to condemn America (which they could never do in their home countries) but Senator Avella had the right to exit, stage left!! Our hats are off to Senator Avella for taking a very public stand on a critically important issue. But a word of warning to the good Senator. The "wolves" will work their magic to lure you back into their den. If they succeed, your stand on principle for this great country, was for naught.
Good on Senator Avella for doing the right thing.

Although, Obama would say, "it's because of the Innocence of Muslims video".

Obama can appease you assholes all he wants, not me.

Take your black flag and shove it up this:







As Obama said at the UN about "slandering your prophet, I guess I just did it and don't really give a shit.

How dare you fly your 'war flag' in NYC!

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