September 25, 2012

Australian Jihadi Held Without Bail

Please have a seat in the waiting area, we'll be with in say about 20 to 30 years.

A Melbourne man who was found with al-Qaeda magazines that described how to engage in violent jihad and gave tips on making bombs has been refused bail.

Adnan Karabegovic, 23, considered Australians to be "dirty convict pigs" and "filthy kafir" and was committed to a course of action that conflicted with the community, the Melbourne Magistrates Court has been told.

He was recorded in telephone intercepts speaking of his desire to smash a local Cambodian temple because the people there were "idol worshippers", the court heard at his bail application on Tuesday.

Karabegovic, who has been charged with collecting documents linked with the preparation of a terrorist act, also allegedly spoke of a wish to train in Bosnia.

Looking around we find that this person is a member of al-Furqan center in Melbourne. If you recall al-Furqan was also the name of al-Qaeda in Iraq's media distribution wing.

They of course have a Youtube channel here. And a website here.


Uh, yeah.

Hat Tip: WebRadius.

Update by SH: There were terror raids across Melbourne which led to his arrest.

Islamic centre among properties raided

Among properties raided was the Al-Furqan Centre, an Islamic information centre in Springvale South.

The centre also engages in religious instruction and conducts lectures on Islam.

Its website carries videos of Islamist militia fighting in the Arab world, such as the uprising in Syria, separatists in Mali and reports of the Taliban infiltrating the Afghan army.

A Muslim Australian who occasionally prayed at the Al-Furqan Centre said they were a splinter group.

"The organisation itself has been around for a while, they have been on the fringes," the man said.

"They are a splinter group that decided to go their own way, they had their own ideologies and interpretations and the other stuff that goes with it."

BTW, the jihadi arrested stated he only read the "opinions" in the Sammy inspired "Inspire al-Qaeda mag".

"Opinions", yeah right.

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